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How to Think On Your Feet So You Don’t Fall On Your Face

Excerpt from the introduction.
Curtain Up!

Consider this, if you will.
You are on stage every day performing the scenes of your life in a play without a script. This book will help you tap into your natural abilities to take chances and calculated risks by learning how to improvise. Maybe you’ll even end up more creative. In short, our goal is to help you to become more of who you are. This isn’t about turning you into an improv actor, or training you to conform to some corporate ideal. It’s about giving you the confidence to be more flexible, spontaneous and fun loving in your own authentic way, as you play these scenes of your life.

Book Signing at The Smithsonian Institution. Washington, D. C.

Each of us has countless opportunities to improvise. Perhaps you want to be more creative on demand in your job. Maybe you simply want to stop looking like a deer in the headlights when asked a question at your weekly manager meetings. Or an important personal opportunity knocks on your door and you freeze, on the advice of your old friend – indecision.

There are hundreds of scenarios like these where having the ability to think on your feet and react with self-assurance would be an enormous asset.

In a combined 35 years of improvisation we’ve seen many fledgling improvisers take small steps, which lead to great leaps. We’ve seen incredible breakthroughs, unforeseen transformations, and monumental personal growth. (And okay, there was that one guy who sunk into the abyss of personal hell. But he would have anyway.)

Businesses are sending their top managers and frontline staff alike to improv classes in droves. Why? Because improv works! Improvisation Theater techniques help you increase your confidence, spontaneity, and creativity.

And the interest in improvisation isn’t just a fad. It’s grounded in practical experience. It’s been the best-kept secret of many a sales person, CEO and mother of five – trying to survive. It’s not just for the cast of Second City anymore. You can apply what’s in this book at work and at home. If you’re seeking an edge in a highly complicated, competitive world – you need to be able to think on your feet!

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In today’s rough and tumble business culture, you’re expected to keep up with the pace of changing technology as well as to outsmart your competition. In a larger sense, what really counts is your ability to adapt to frequent and sudden changes. Your willingness and ability to seize each change and embrace it with flexibility and spontaneity can mean the difference between mediocrity and success.

As well, some of the most important moments in our personal lives require assessing a situation with the same suppleness and quick thinking. Which is the basis of improvisation. More often than not, you’re going to find yourself without a script.

So, we’re asking you now to take a leap into improvisation – and we assure you the net will appear. Depending on whether or not you read our book, of course. See, this book could even save your life. Or it could make a fine coaster. It's all about how you see things.

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